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scanning range in both axes and a load capacity

The M-900KOPS positioning unit from Physik Instrumente (PI) carries out two-dimensional scans quickly and with a high degree of accuracy. In addition to its three German factories, PI has eight subsidiaries and a total of 500 employees worldwide.. A sample holder measuring 30 x 30 mm has been added here.wswww. External dimensions of 170 mm put this stage in the ‘compact’ league, but it has a 50 mm scanning range in both axes and a load capacity of up to 660 N.PI has been one of the leading players in the global market for micropositioning and nanopositioning technology for many years.1 µm positioning resolution. PI can match the cover and base plate of the unit individually to the customer-specific installation requirements. KGAuf der Roemerstrasse 176228 KarlsruheGermanySandra EblerMarketing Assistant/ Marketing &amp. Productsinfo@pi.Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co.g.pi.The stage has a plain design and is intended for integration, for highly accurate sample positioning in a white-light interferometer or large microscope, for example.Integrated into a measuring unit, e. A DC direct drive with zero backlash provides a speedy 10 mm/s with 0.The tried and tested PC plug-in cards of the C-843 controller series and the Mercury™ stand-alone controller are available for a low-cost system combination; they are easy to network and provide a large number of functions for automation applications. into a Schuko Plugs Factory white-light interferometer, the M-900KOPS carries out precise XY-scans at high speed.wsThis release was published on openPR. And PI has been developing and manufacturing standard and OEM products with piezo or motor drives for 40 years